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What is a pulka ?

What is a pulka ?


Originally from Norway, our pulkas are small sleds designed for transporting passengers (children pulkas, pulkas for disabled, rescue pulkas) or equipment (touring pulkas, expedition pulkas).


The children pulka is the most popular application with the touring models. Our children pulkas fit to the size and needs of children aged 6 months and over. Their aerodynamic shape, together with semi-rigid shafts for towing, make them perfectly adapted equipment for cross country skiing – classic or skating – as well as for hiking or walking with snow shoes.


Our products are designed to provide maximum comfort and safety, and for this reason they have long been recognised in the Nordic countries as the best in their class.


Depending on the model, one or two children can fit in a pulka, sitting or lying as their age and mood require. Muffled up in their sleeping bag, they will better enjoy their trip in the fresh air. The indispensable visor protects them from wind, rain and snowfall, from snow sprayed by the skier and, most importantly, from the sun.


Every seat in our pulkas is equipped with a safety belt. Two roll-over guards on the sides, and the two runners beneath the sled, ensure minimal friction and perfect stability on snow, even at a sustained pace. These sleds are made from the lightest and strongest of modern materials, and so can be pulled easily by a male or female skier. They are part of everyday life for our Scandinavian friends: why not for you ?