Model 200

Ski patrol pulka : Art 401, 402


This light pulk is practical for transporting a patient. It is popular with Mountain Rescue Teams, the Norwegian Air Ambulance, and with dog-owners.

The pulk is also practical for cargo and equipment (ART 401 in combination with ART 702 and 711).

The roomy nylon cover (water-repellent) has draw-string enclosure and compression straps. Polyethylene runners and aluminium edges.


Art. 402 is also equipped with inner straps for securing the patient, and has an insulating, closed-cell mattress.

Standard equipment includes our flexible alpine shaft system, which may be used by one or two skiers. These can quickly be removed and replaced by a shaft for a snowmobile (ART 807), or collapsed above the pulk, as required.

ART 401 is equipped with standard shaft attachments, with straps, and may be pulled by skiers or dog-teams. (See accessories.) If you use a dog-team, you should equip the pulk with brakes (ART 765)

  • Weight: 15 kg
  • Art. 402: Pulka 200 + 2 skier shaft
  • total weight: 22 kg


Price: CHF 1'080.-


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