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For adult: art 106

This pulka (manufacturer: Fjellpulken) is make in Fibreglass reinforced polyester.

It is designed for persons aged 7 years and over.


The package includes:

  • 1 pulka,
  • 2 lateral roll-over guards to provide additional stability (e.g. on inclined terrain) and as protection in case of overturning,
  • 1 cushioned backrest with extra neckrest, 3-point safety belt to prevent sliding down,
  • 1 protective windscreen,
  • 1 cotton cover, water- and windproof, yet breathable, witch covers the person completely.
  • Size: L. 160 cm X l. 63 cm
  • Total weight: 17 kg


Price: CHF -

Not available anymore

available on order only

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