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Children's pulka

(manufacturer: Fjellpulken) in fibreglass-reinforced polyester.

The size and aerodynamic shape ensure a perfect glide and complete stability on snow.

Do not use under -10°C.


Full equipment package includes:

  • 1 children's pulka,
  • 2 lateral roll-over guards to provide additional stability (e.g. on inclined terrain) and as protection in case of overturning,
  • 1 adjustable backrest with built-in suspension and safety belt. Can be reclined together with the windscreen if the child falls asleep,
  • 1 protective windscreen with integrated roll-over guard. The windscreen is an essential accessory which provides protection against snow and wind, sun, branches, snow spray from skiers, etc. It is easily adjusted and detached,
  • 1 cotton cover, water- and windproof, yet breathable, integrated with the pulka. It covers the child completely and can be attached to the windscreen to offer extra protection in poor weather conditions. The zips at the front and rear are designed for convenient access to extra equipment (food, clothing) stored in the pulka,
  • 2 ultra-light fibreglass shafts with built-in shock absorbers for smooth towing of the pulka.
  • 1 adjustable harness with cross-over shoulder straps and reinforced belt for comfortable towing.
  • total weight: 11 kg
  • additional skis-set to facilitate sliding and train athletes (package + CHF 209.-)


Price: CHF 990.-

Sale -10% CHF 890.-


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